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Kevin Otos

 Artists Resource Agency                                                                                                              Height: 6’3”

336-349-6167                                                                                                                                       Weight: 225


Actor's Access



One Tree Hill (four episodes)                            Doctor/Recurring                  CW

Underground: Citizen                                           Policeman/Co-star               WGN/Lawrence Trilling

Necessary Roughness: Shrink or Swim      Surgeon/Co-star                    USA/Elodie Keene



Believe                                                           Bill Watkins/Principal              Power of 3/Billy Dickson

Susie’s Hope                                              Dr. Wallace/Principal               Susie the Movie/Jerry Rees

Changeover                                                 Scott/Principal                           Hushpuppy/Estes Tarver

You Got This                                               Dad/Lead                                       Just Us/Ryan Witt

Harbinger                                                     Donnelly/Lead                             Drawbridge/Kieran Moreira

Wither                                                            Father/Principal                          Black Maria/Nick Dimondi

Blow Fish                                                     Boyfriend/Principal                  Bad Kid/Mark Caraguilo

Route 4                                                         Ranger/Principal                        Southern Pictures/Jeff Dark

Golfer’s Guide to Parenting                 Husband/Lead                             Columbia Univ./Trish Carter

The Executive                                            Boss/Lead                                     FSU Film/John Lynn

Jeek!                                                              Link/Principal                              FSU Film/James Costigan



The Winter’s Tale (w/ Michaela Watkins)   Polixenes                        Tygres Heart/John Kretzu

The Cherry Orchard (w/ William Wise)        Yepikhodov                    Asolo/Richard Ramos

The Machine (w/ Ed Asner)                               Kevin (s/r)                       Asolo/Howard Millman

Julius Caesar                                                           Mark Antony                  Tygres Heart/Doug Miller

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead         Player                                Port. Cntr. Stage/Cliff Baker


COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL: Available on request.



Lesly Kahn & Co.: Comedy Intensive with Lesly Kahn

MFA      Florida State University

Acting:  José Quintero, Jim Wise, Brant Pope, John Basil

Special Skills:  Clown, Commedia, Combat, Horseback, Juggle, Physical Comedy,                                                       Swimming & Diving.

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